Our Theme Song

How Are You Feeling?

Listen to the IASL's theme song, How Are You Feeling?.

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Words and music copyright 2010 Daniel J. Barrett.
Backing vocals sung by Sophia Barrett.

Taking off my favorite shoes
Dare I dip my toe into the stream
Of truly basic human emotion?		(Doot, doo-doo, doot, doo-doo)

In the moment I can feel
Oh, my little stream is leading me
Over the rocks, but towards the ocean.	(Doot, doo-doo, doot, doo-doo)

My heart is rushing
My face is flushing
My tears are gushing
But what does it mean?

How do you feel? (I'm feeling fine.)

Every night and every day,
Affect traffic courses through me
It is my lifeblood, this is my joy.	(Feel feeling, how do you feel?)
And in the moment we apply
Category knowledge to the scene,
Bringing meaning for us to employ.	(Feel feeling, how do you feel?)

My feet are shaking
My nerves are quaking
My heart is breaking
But what do I know?

How do you feel? (I'm feeling fine.)

It's the deepest mystery
How we see emotions all around
When the markers are so shabby.		(Where you gone to, Billy J?)
Deep in the amygdala,
Crashing, flashing, lighting up the charts:
My brain is telling me I'm happy.	(Feel feeling, how do you feel?)

My pulse is rushing
My skin is flushing
My nose is running
But how do I know?

How do you feel? (I'm feeling fine.)