The IASLab Face Set

The IASLab face set was developed in 2006 and includes 50 unique identities. The face exemplars are posed expressions in which posers were provided with an emotion label, but were not directed to move specific muscles in a pre-determined configuration. The set includes poses of neutral, sad, happy, angry, fearful, surprised, calm, excited, and disgusted portrayals by all identities. All poses have direct gaze and averted gaze variants. All poses also have open mouth and closed mouth variants. All images have been edited so that the eyes are centered in the same location. While the set does contain some racial/ethnic diversity, we do not have self-reported demographic information of the posers. A subset of expressions (forward gaze, closed mouth exemplars) of the IASLab Face Set have been normed by ratings of emotion category, attractiveness, and intensity. These norms will be shared along with the set.

This set is available for academic/non-profit research only. For questions about use of the face set, please contact Zoe Kross at

Accessing the IASLab Face Set

Complete the IASLab Face Set Agreement Form and email it to the address on the form. You will then receive an email reply with a link to download the set.