Current funding

Dates Grant # Source Name Principal Investigator Amount
2022–2024 R21 MH129902 Quantifying the brain metabolism underlying task-based BOLD imaging Jordan Theriault (Lisa Feldman Barrett: other significant contributor) $463,957
2022–2027 R01 AG071173 Biopsychosocial mechanisms of successful aging Lisa Feldman Barrett, Brad Dickerson, Karen Quigley $3,989,761
2022–2026 The biology of meaning-making Lisa Feldman Barrett $2,881,249
2021–2026 Academic ideas in the public sphere: Teaching scientists and philosophers how to communicate with the public Project Leaders: David DeSteno, James Ryerson and Joseph Fridman (Lisa Feldman Barrett: other significant contributor) $1,785,454
2020–2023 BCS 1947972 The Brain Basis of Emotion: A Category Construction Problem Ajay Satpute, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Deniz Erdogmus $799,998

Previous funding

Dates Grant # Source Name Principal Investigator Amount
2017–2022 R01 MH113234 Affect regulation and beta-amyloid: Maturational factors in aging and age-related pathology Lisa Feldman Barrett, Derek Isaacowitz $3,872,599
2017–2022 R01 MH109464 Ovarian effects on intrinsic connectivity and the affective enhancement of memory Lisa Feldman Barrett $3,212,205
2019–2021 R21 AG061743 Noninvasive brain stimulation as a tool to study the role of motivation in age-related cognitive abilities Sumientra Rampersad, Alexandra Touroutoglou. Co-investigator: Lisa Feldman Barrett $450,445
2019–2021 Building online resources for scientists and philosophers communicating with the "general reader" Lisa Feldman Barrett, David DeSteno, James Ryerson $165,000
2019–2021 Academic ideas in the public sphere: Teaching scientists and philosophers how to communicate with the "general reader" Lisa Feldman Barrett, David DeSteno, James Ryerson $234,000
2019–2020 Book grant to support the writing of Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain Lisa Feldman Barrett $49,879
2018–2019 R56 AG058745 Biopsychosocial mechanisms of superaging Lisa Feldman Barrett, Brad Dickerson $832,369
2018–2019 R56 EY020834 A study of the computational space of facial expressions of emotion Aleix Martinez. PI on subcontract: Lisa Feldman Barrett $390,000
2016–2021 U01 CA193632 Fundamental subcortical mechanisms in affective processing Lisa Feldman Barrett $3,180,229
2016–2019 W911NF-16-1-019 Individual differences in emotional experience and cognitive performance Karen Quigley, Jolie Wormwood. Co-investigator: Lisa Feldman Barrett $1,113,183
2016–2019 CMMI 1638234 CRISP Type 2: Identification and control of uncertain, high interdependent processes involving humans with applications to resilient emergency health response Mario Sznaier. Co-investigator: Lisa Feldman Barrett $2,498,810
2016–2018 Informal Science Education via Storytelling: Teaching Scientists and Philosophers How to Communicate with the Public Project leaders: Lisa Feldman Barrett, David DeSteno, and James Ryerson $216,400
2015–2016 W911NF-15-1-0647 Emotion perception in the Hadza Hunter-Gatherer Society: A Strong Test of Cultural Relativity Lisa Feldman Barrett, Maria Gendron $96,013
2014–2016 SRA 3505-MLI A first person experience sampling investigation of desire and self Lisa Feldman Barrett, Christy Wilson Mendenhall $299,555
2014–2016 BCS-1422327 Threat perception after the Boston Marathon bombing Karen Quigley. Co-investigators: Jolie Wormwood, Lisa Feldman Barrett $300,000
2014–2016 R21 HD076164 Does reward mediate human maternal bonding? A PET-fMRI study Lisa Feldman Barrett $474,000
2012–2014 W5J9CQ-12-C-0049 Affective Realism Lisa Feldman Barrett $916,944
2012–2015 Optimizing Threat Detection Under Signal-Borne Risk Spencer Lynn. Co-investigator: Lisa Feldman Barrett $434,499
2012–2014 R21 MH099605 Sex differences in affective responding to repeated negative stimuli Lisa Feldman Barrett $478,000
2011–2016 R01 MH093394 The Utility of Threat Detection in Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder Spencer Lynn and Naomi Simon. Co-investigator: Lisa Feldman Barrett $1,954,208
2011–2014 W5J9CQ-11-C-0046 Constructing Emotion in the Brain: A Meta-Analytic Approach Lisa Feldman Barrett $1,495,468
2011–2014 BCS 1052790 The Affective Vision Hypothesis Lisa Feldman Barrett $300,000
2008–2011 W91WAW-08-C-0018 The Link between Feeling and Seeing Lisa Feldman Barrett $556,484
2007–2012 DP1OD003312 Emotions as emergent events constrained by affective and conceptual processes Lisa Feldman Barrett $3,910,625
2007–2010 BCS 0721260 Language and the Perception of Emotion Lisa Feldman Barrett $449,194
2006–2017 R01 AG030311 Neural Mechanisms of Affective Salience in Aging Lisa Feldman Barrett, Brad Dickerson $3,372,997
2005–2008 BCS 0527440 Dynamics of Affective Reactivity Lisa Feldman Barrett $603,886
2002–2007 K02 MH001981 (Independent Scientist Research Award) Emotional Granularity: A View From Multiple Levels Lisa Feldman Barrett $489,000
2003–2005 BCS 0322352 Enhancing the Experience-Sampling Program (ESP) Lisa Feldman Barrett $60,588
2003 BCS 9727896 Individual Differences in Emotion Discrimination Lisa Feldman Barrett $431,670
2002–2003 BCS 0215509 (Doctoral Dissertation Research in DRMS) The Effect of Affective Experience in Investment Decision Making Lisa Feldman Barrett; Graduate Student: Myeong-Gu Seo $15,000
2001–2003 BCS 0092224 Emotional Working Memory: An fMRI study Lisa Feldman Barrett $99,871
2001–2003 BCS 0204431 Mechanisms of Resilience in the Face on On-Going Threat Lisa Feldman Barrett $38,320
2000–2001   Accurate and Illusory Theories in Self-Report Lisa Feldman Barrett $29,800
2001 SES 0074688 (Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education (POWRE) Award) Emotional Granularity: A Neuroscience Perspective Lisa Feldman Barrett $75,000