October 28, 2016: The Science of Being Scared

The IASL's haunted house for charity uses the science of fear to scare people without using gore or cheap thrills.

February 5, 2015: Pain in the Brain

The relationship between emotion and pain. Sponsored by the Center for Law, Brain & Behavior as Massachusetts General Hospital. Part of Re-Envisioning Pain: How Breakthroughs on the Science of Suffering Could Revolutionize Legal Understanding and Outcomes.

Lisa Feldman Barrett: Pain in the brain from Center for Law, Brain & Behavior on Vimeo.

February 7, 2014: A History of Psychology?

Lisa Feldman Barrett welcomes attendees of "New Vistas in Emotion and Technology" while delivering a history of psychology.

May 20, 2013: What is an Emotion?

Part of the Experts in Emotion series from Yale University.

February 7, 2013: Three Myths about the Brain

A Mass General Hospital Grand Rounds lecture.

May 24, 2011: Is gossip good for you?

WGBH TV, Boston: Lisa Feldman Barrett discusses her paper in Science.

May 24, 2011: How does gossip influence perception?

Northeastern University: Lisa Feldman Barrett discusses her paper in Science.

National Academy of Sciences symposium, 2008: What Is An Emotion?